Our scale and global footprint provide excellent business visibility

Where others see transactions, we see opportunities to build long-term strategic relationships with customers. Companies that do business with us know we take the time to understand their needs and aspirations, and provide tailor-made solutions. We research markets, locations and facilities around the world to ensure we are in the best position to serve customers. Our buildings are where the action is today and where it’s going tomorrow.

Serving customers in 20 countries

across the Americas, Europe & Asia

These countries represent

More than 70%of global gdp

Building an Enduring Business

Our relationships with customers have strengthened over decades and across cycles

Our global focus on logistics real estate, clear business strategy and daily dialogue with customers have helped us meet the critical needs of the world’s best brands as we deliver strong returns for our investors. Three key trends make us optimistic about our long-term future: the rise in global consumption, the growth of e-commerce and supply chain modernization. Each fuels demand for our efficient logistics facilities; together, they are helping us build an enduring real estate business.


Modern logistics buildings on four continents

2X the size of the next largest competitor


Square feet (62.2 msm)

More than two-thirds the area of Manhattan

Creating Momentum

Rental recovery, development value creation and scale drive shareholder value

In physics, momentum is the product of mass and velocity (p = mv). This equation also applies to Prologis. As the leading company in our space, we have the mass — buildings in the most active and vibrant commercial markets around the world. This mass, or scale, delivers tremendous benefits, including better service for customers. We have the desire and ability to act with speed and agility — the velocity that develops along every sector of our business and extends our competitive advantage. Mass and velocity together allow us to grow shareholder value year after year.

Same Store NOI GAAP PLD Share1

15 5.6%
14 3.7%
13 1.8%

Occupancy Rate (at Dec 31)

15 96.9%
14 96.1%
13 95.1%

GAAP Rent Change on Rollovers2(% change)

15 13.1%
14 9.8%
13 5.1%

1 Calculated as percent change in net operating income from one year to the next for our pro rata share.

2 GAAP pro rata share.